If your pet has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, enlarged heart or an irregular heart rhythm, you may have many questions which you would like answered. I can travel to your local practice with the latest diagnostic cardiology equipment and can offer you exemplary cardiology advice and care. This is particularly important if your pet is very poorly and cannot travel. Your first appointment will be made by your vet contacting me on your behalf (with the exception of breed related heart testing – please see section on heart testing). After an initial consultation, I will then recommend the appropriate tests to reach a diagnosis, for example an ultrasound of the heart. These procedures can usually be carried out without sedation (unless chest X-rays are advised) and you will be asked to return to collect your pet that same day. Once a diagnosis has been reached, then a treatment plan will be explained to you. I try to perform all tests in a relaxed environment so that even nervous pets, including cats, may fall asleep during the heart scans.

Here are some examples of investigations performed;

  • Investigation of collapse
  • Investigation of breathlessness or coughing
  • Investigation of heart murmurs
  • Investigation or irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
  • Investigation of an enlarged heart

The services offered include;

  • Blood pressure
  • Doppler echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart)
  • ECG
  • Holter monitor (continuous ECG recording)
  • Ultrasound guided pericardial and thoracic drainage procedures
  • Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) surgery
  • Balloon valvuloplasty (for pulmonic stenosis) 
  • Pacemaker implantation

My Qualifications

I hold the RCVS certificate in veterinary cardiology, the RCVS diploma in veterinary cardiology and I am a RCVS recognised specialist in veterinary cardiology. The certificate is the first level of postgraduate qualification awarded by the RCVS. A diploma holder has a high level of academic and professional expertise in their subject area. To achieve this, they will have spent a considerable amount of time gaining experience in approved specialist referral centres and have passed rigorous practical and written examinations. The diploma in veterinary cardiology covers both small animal and large animal species. Currently there are only 23 RCVS diploma holders in veterinary cardiology. To read more about RCVS specialist status, click on

Emily came fully recommended from our veterinary surgeon, after he detected a heart murmur on our beloved pet Scruffy on a routine appointment. As soon as we met Emily we knew our pet was in safe hands with her warm and caring professional manner, she fully explained the test procedure to us and gave a and detailed aftercare report, she certainly has a gift which is very genuine to both pet and client we can highly recommend Emily and would not hesitate to take our pet to her in the future.
With our kindest regards, Alan Eileen and our little one Scruffy

Jasper was referred to Emily due to a heart murmur being detected during a routine examination. Emily spent time explaining to me what investigations she was going to carry out on Jasper she explained everything in great detail answered all my questions and reassured me that Jasper would be well looked after during the examination procedures. Following the results of the examination Emily gave me a verbal diagnosis and explained the results of the test on the same day and prescribed medication for Jasper to take to improve his condition. She then followed this by sending a more detailed report via email the next day. Emily was very knowledgable and approachable and put you at ease throughout the consultation. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. This is Jasper a Yorkshire Terrier who is now 12 1/2yrs old.

“I first met Emily in August 2010 when she was called in to deal with Darcy who was very unwell indeed. Emily was as patient with us as she was with Darcy and we found her extremely approachable, both face to face and during telephone conversations. I always feel that this is an extremely important quality in any vet – it’s vital to be able to have confidence and an open relationship when you are trusting another person with the wellbeing of a much loved pet. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Emily to any pet owner who found themselves in need of a veterinary cardiologist.”

“Having bred Newfoundland dogs for over 30 years, the health of my dogs is paramount. One requirement from the Kennel Club is echo Doppler heart testing. Emily has been testing my dogs for many years now. Her professionalism coupled with her sympathetic handling always ensures minimal stress for my dogs."

“I first met Emily in August 2014 when Maggie was diagnosed with a number of severe cardiac problems, including congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Her prognosis, without medical intervention, was very poor. Emily explained how, with medication and monitoring, Maggie could have a reasonable quality of life for whatever time was left to her. Emily’s continued support and advice gave me the confidence to monitor Maggie’s progress and medical needs. Maggie had another 9 months of good quality of life before her condition really deteriorated. I would be happy to recommend Emily to anyone in need of an expert veterinary cardiologist for their pet."

"Reuben, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was referred to Emily by our regular vet when a heart murmur was first detected in 2017. Reuben is a very anxious little boy (and I’m a rather anxious owner) and Emily was very patient and understanding with us both. Emily is extremely approachable and clearly very passionate and knowledgeable in her field. I felt Emily struck just the right balance between being personable and professional and was very thorough in her explanations. When it comes to my dogs I am a real worrier and I had A LOT of questions for Emily both in person and over email; all of which she answered obligingly and very promptly. When Reuben required anaesthesia for an unrelated issue I again emailed Emily for advice and she again readily replied and put my mind at ease. Whilst I obviously wish that I did not require the services of a cardiologist at all being the owner of a Cavalier it is always a possibility; I am so glad that I sought Emily’s help early on and would recommend Emily to anyone in a similar situation"

"Just wanted to say what a professional service we received for heart testing recently. Emily accommodated 9 dogs in a group session for us. Which included 7 bullmastiffs and 2 French bulldogs. Even though testing is not mandatory for the bullmastiffs we as breeders are trying to move forward and gain information. Highly recommended"

Nadine Carminway Bullmastiffs